Otzar Hastam

Bar Mitzvah

He is becoming Bar Mitzvah! Mazal Tov! Looking for a memorable and truly meaningful Bar-Mitzvah celebration? Want to do something extraordinary? Looking for the perfect setting & atmosphere? Come celebrate in the mystical city of Tzfat, with its ancient synagogues and enchanted alleys, with its Kabbalah mystics and artists and with the wonderful scents and colors of its old, narrow passageways. Otzar HaStam of Tzfat will help you make this significant, ages-old tradition a wonderful and meaningful event for your son and family. Our unique Bar-Mitzvah package is carefully designed to suit each individual family, creating beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. Read on for a general overview of what we offer and contact us to personalize your Bar-Mitzvah celebration.

The Bar-Mitzvah Ceremony

The excitement begins the moment you arrive… With a Tallit (prayer shawl) spread over him like a Chuppah (canopy) and accompanied by musicians dressed in eastern garb, the Bar Mitzvah boy is escorted by family and friends, who together will sing and dance their way to an ancient Synagogue. Here, the actual Bar Mitzvah ceremony takes place. In the ancient synagogue, steeped in centuries of tradition, your son will become a man. The Tefillin wrapping, the Aliyah L’torah (being called to the Torah reading) and the prayers, which are accompanied by a cantor and musicians, will guarantee your family a celebration never to be forgotten. Friendly and informative guidance is provided throughout the ceremony.

Fresh, Galilee-Style Breakfast

A fresh, Galilee-style breakfast is served in the lovely, quaint courtyard of the synagogue, after the ceremony. A variety of menus are available from the simple to the sublime; choose just coffee and pastry or add a delicious buffet of Tzfat-cheeses, fresh vegetables, hot quiches and assorted breads. Desserts of home made cheesecake, fruits and other delicacies are available.

In the Footsteps of the Mystics

Following breakfast, you will have an opportunity to get to know one of the best-kept secrets of Israel: The Holy city of Tzfat. Known as the birthplace of Kabbalah, the old city of Tzfat embraces both the ancient and contemporary. The tour encompasses many of the city’s attractions, including the ancient synagogues, the artists’ colony and spectacular observation posts. Our animated guides bring centuries-old stories, legends and traditions to life. You will follow the footsteps of some of the greatest Kabbalists, watch traditional Tallit-weavers operating their loom, meet with kabbalah sculptors and painters, etc. Worked into the fabric of the tour is special emphasis on what it means to truly become a Bar Mitzvah. Made even more meaningful in the wonderful land of Israel and the beautiful, holy city of Tzfat.

Otzar HaStam – The Ultimate Bar Mitzvah Presentation

A visit to our interactive center will add an innovative, cutting-edge element to your Bar Mitzvah experience.  The multi million dollar center – the only one of its kind in the world – opens a window to the fascinating world of “STaM” – the ancient art and tradition of the Jewish Scribes, writing Sifrei Torah (Torah scrolls), Tefillin and Mezuzot. Acclaimed for its use of high tech multimedia technology, this is one place you need to see to believe. Come and discover an Otzar – a treasure.  

Celebratory Bar Mitzvah Lunch/Dinner

The celebration culminates in a fabulous meal on our Observation Terrace, overlooking the breathtaking view of the mountains of the Galilee, lake Kinneret, the Golan and beyond. Catered by exquisite Chefs, you and your guests will enjoy our wonderful, carefully designed menu. Alternatively, we will be happy to create a menu suited to your taste and preferences. The once-in-a-lifetime atmosphere will be further enhanced with live Eastern-European Klezmer music or authentic eastern instrumental music, played by leading local musicians.

Customize Your Bar Mitzva…

The above is the outline of our Classic Bar Mitzvah Package. Otzar Hastam offers special additions and  are happy to deliver a tailor-made program – just for you! We will custom design a Bar Mitzvah Celebration that will fit in with your particular dreams, desires and family needs. There are many optional additions: from visiting a boutique winery & goat cheese factory to pottery making, torch-lit hike at night in the nearby forest, knight-like feast in the ruins of an ancient synagogue and much more. Many exciting and enriching tours, hikes & trips are also offered, led by our unique and charismatic guides, in Tzfat and the surrounding forests, mountains and valleys. Reserve your Bar Mitzva package here.

Purchase Tefillin from The Source

Prior to your visit, you can order a pair of Otzar HaStam’s supreme quality Tefillin, produced by our ordained scribes, for the Bar Mitzvah. The Tefillin can be shipped to your home in advance or granted to you at the Bar Mitzvah celebration in Tzfat. At Otzar HaStam we take pride in the supreme effort invested in the writing and production of our Tefillin. Only highly ordained Sofrim (scribes), who meet our strict requirements  in terms of their craftsmanship and dedication to Torah, are employed to write the Parshiot (the hand-written scrolls of parchment). The Batim (cubes) are made-to-order especially for Otzar HaStam, adhering to our supreme quality requirements, by the finest Batim-maker in the country. The making of these most-special Batim entails hundreds of hours of work, over the course of a full year. The result is a superb pair of Tefillin, which will serve your son (and you, if you ordered a pair for yourself as well) for decades. Contact us to order your Tefillin today!